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This section of our site is dedicated to our videos, your videos and videos by others out there that have left a positive impression on us.

We want to see what you've been up to with our boards, so please send us a link for your video and we'll share it with the world.

Longboard Dancing

You Tube clip of the two Adams showing their Longboard dancing skills

Freebord - Snowboard the streets

This is our favourite Freebord video clip, it puts the hairs up on the back of our necks everytime we watch it and it inspired Marc and Roly to purchase their boards the following day!

Land Paddling Ely 1

This is a short video of Marc and Roly's first land paddling experiments around Ely.

Land Paddling Aloha UK 1

This is a nice video uploaded by Johann and Jason from Aloha UK

Jenica Davenport Long Boarding

You Tube clip of Jenica Davenport long boarding