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Paddle Fit - Paddleboarding

Paddle Fit - Paddleboarding

Standup Paddleboarding is an excellent way to keep fit, even a gentle session will have your core muscles aching the next day.

This year we’re offering regular fitness classes for those of you who really want to shape up. They’ll target Core Muscles, Posture, Muscle Endurance and Muscle Strength, Co-ordination and Balance.

Classes take place every week at our Ely Marina location. Lasting 60 minutes, they’re designed to target your core, and deliver an excellent cardio-vascular workout.

 Timetable (Starting Monday 2nd May 2011)

 Mon - 6.30pm and 7.30pm starts - High Intensity with Roly

 Wed - 6.30pm and 7.30pm starts - Girls Only with Ness and Ally

 Special Offer - 50% Discount now only £7.50 per hour* - usual price £15

*Open to beginners on the basis that they pay £20 per hour for their first session as it will include tuition*

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards and Standup Paddleboarding is popular with celebrities looking for an alternative way to stay in shape. Jennifer Aniston, Lewis Hamilton, Nicole Scherzinger, Pierce Brosnan and Matthew McConaughey are all fans.

Perhaps the best testament to its fitness benefits is that professional athletes are also using Standup Paddleboarding to cross-train and improve overall performance. Recent converts include Olympic rowers James Cracknell and Bobby Thatcher.

You’re welcome to come along and join us whenever you like, we don't believe in committing you to a block booking, just let us know each week as early as you can to avoid disappointment as there are only 8 boards.

We provide the latest performance equipment, all you need to bring is suitable clothing and a towel.  Bring your own board and get a discount of 30%.

Health Benefits:

  • Improved posture: you have to keep looking ahead with your head up and your back straight to maintain your position on the board!
  • Core strength: Standup Paddleboarding is excellent for developing and maintaining your core muscles. It’s ideal for people who spend much of their time at a desk or in the car.
  • Stress relief: Whether you’re focusing all your attention on not falling in, or just taking in the scenery, your mind is occupied with the present, not worrying about what happened yesterday or tomorrow’s to-do list. And the tranquility of the water can’t fail to relax you.
  • Physical exercise: Standup Paddleboarding is one of the best ways to get moving, and reap the benefits of being active.


Won’t I get cold?

Unless it’s really windy and there’s snow on the ground, you’ll be surprisingly hot!

Is the water clean?

Flat water locations are generally cleaner than coastal areas – but as a general rule try not to swallow large amounts of any untreated water!

Will I fall off?

Our boards are buoyant and stable, designed to make the learning process easy. The additional volume and length makes them easy to paddle for 95% of all first timers.