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Fen Paddle Company has created what we believe to be the best fitness and sporting experiences for businesses and community groups anywhere in the UK.

We can come to you with our innovative Balance Board classes, or take you out of the office for our Paddleboarding and Land Paddling experiences. All these board sports can play an important role in maintaining good mental health, posture and core strength. And they’re great fun!

 “I had a general understanding in business that you couldn’t operate without other staff members but nothing sharpened the feeling of team support more than relying on a partner for balance the first time I took to the roller in the balance class!”  

A client after one of our recent balance classes at Cambridge Science Park.

Roly, founder of Fen Paddle Company, has worked with some of the world’s largest companies over the last 15 years. He recognised the need for companies to take the lead in promoting a healthy lifestyle for their staff. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that a company with happy, healthy staff returns better profits.

And it's not just businesses that can benefit from our experiences - they lend themselves well to any group of people who want to promote a healthy lifestyle in a fun new way.

paddle days

Paddle Boarding is great for team building, which is why we have introduced the Corporate Paddle Experience - half or full day team building in the great outdoors.

Surf-inspired balance classes

Treat your hard working staff to the ultimate team bonding experience