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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Locations

We have found some amazing places for Standup Paddle-Boarding in East Anglia! In 2009 we introduced Inland Standup Paddleboarding to the UK and made the headlines with our 'punting versus paddle-boarding' feature live on BBC National Breakfast TV (for more articles like this please visit our in the press section). View our paddle routes by clicking on the links below: 

Ely (once loaded click satellite tab to see scenery)

Ely Paddle Route

Wicken Fen (once loaded click satellite tab to see scenery)


We are proud to be the first company to promote Standup Paddleboarding and Standup Paddle Surfing as a flat water sport and leisure pastime - but that doesn't mean that we rest on our laurels. We’re always working to improve our experiences, and always on the lookout for new waterways to explore. Every day we’re talking to people in the know, to bring you more locations around East Anglia. Keep checking this page,we’ll be updating our locations as we get them. If you know of, or have a great place, please do get in touch. We’ll bring some boards and go for an exploratory paddle together!