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Core Muscle Fitness

Core Muscle Fitness

Every time you move, your body uses “core” muscles to hold you steady.  These core muscles lie deep within the “trunk” of the body, attached to the spine, pelvis and muscles that support the shoulder blades. Core muscles stabilise these areas to create a firm foundation for co-ordinated movement.

If the core muscles are weak, your body won’t work as effectively, and other muscles will have to compensate.

This can result in injuries such as a twisted knee, a pulled shoulder or the common “bad back”.  Having a strong core is a decided advantage as you get older – you’ll have a youthful spring in your step, and avoid many common problems associated with advancing years.

If you’re young or active, core stabilisation will help your body movement and improve your performance. For exercise at any level, core stability is essential for injury prevention and maximum fitness results.

If your core muscles are strong and working properly:

  • Your posture is better
  • Your body is balanced
  • Your movement is more efficient
  • You are less likely to suffer injury

Standup Paddleboarding, Land Paddling and Indo boarding are all fantastic, fun ways to develop and maintain a strong core.