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Indo Board - balance boarding

Indo Board - balance boarding

Indo Boarding involves performing moves on a board which is placed on top of a cushion or roller. This engages your core muscles as you try to keep your balance.

Fen Paddle Company is proud to be at the forefront of the sport in this region, delivering Indo Board classes in gyms and workplaces with the best possible instructors. As the name suggests, Indo Boarding is also perfect for training, exercising, fitness and fun at home.

It really is “the Board Sport for Everyone Everywhere.” Originally invented by Hunter Joslin in the 1960’s, Indo Boarding has enjoyed a revival in recent years, thanks to the current trend for core fitness.

Many adults haven’t experienced the sensations they get from Indoboard and Indo Boarding since they were children, and it can draw out all kinds of emotions – from frustration and determination to uncontrollable fits of giggles!